Starting Wine Checklist

YIELD      For acid adjustments calculate that 100 lbs of grapes yields at least 19 L

GELATIN   10 mL per 100 L right after press for Ortega          

COLOR PRO / COLOR X      The use of these enzymes is recommended for all reds.     It  helps keep the color from falling out before alcohol is formed.   Use 4 mL per 100 lbs.  Add at time of cold soak  &  6 – 8 hrs before adding VR Supra

VR SUPRA     Add at the beginning of the cold soak for reds.  Use 6.5 g per 100 lbs of grapes.   Dissolve in hot water.   If using Colour Pro or Colour X add VR Supra 6 – 8 hours after their addition.  1 tsp = 2 g

GO FERM     Use 7 g for every 5 g of yeast.   Use 7 g for every 100 lbs of grapes or 5 gallons of juice.    Reconstitute in twenty (20) times its weight of 110 F / 43 C water.  1 tsp = 4 g

YEAST     Use 5 g for every 100 lbs or 5 gallons of juice.   Reconstitute in the go ferm solution when 104 F / 40 C Wait no more than 30 min. then slowly over a period of 5 minutes add an equal amount of juice to the yeast solution to avoid cold shock caused by a rapid temperature drop exceeding 10 degrees F or 5 C.    May require more than one at temperation step. e. g. 30 degree difference between yeast slurry and the must.                        

FERMAID K    Per 100 lbs of grapes or 5 gallon juice use 1 T added in three portions as fermentation progresses, the last being prior to about 1.050 .   To help finish the fermentation DAP may also be added at later stages.   If H2S is present double the dosage.

OXYGEN    Provision of air periodically during the first half of fermentation encourages yeast growth and helps prevent reductive characters developing.

SEEDS    Remember to take the wine off the seeds at about SG 1030. This will   help prevent bitterness and some vegetativeness

BENTONITE               1 ½ tsp per 5 gal white for clearing 1 T per 5 gal red for clearing and mouth feel…

Original by Bill Greaves, converted to metric measurements by  Dr Sandy Kirk

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