SO2 Analysis Using Vinmetrica SC-100 Device

SO2 analysis of wine using the Vinmetrica SC-!00/300 and the SO2 test kit is easy and provides accurate information to the winemaker concerning free SO2 levels in both red and white wines. Tests are  quite affordable.   The factors of affordability and accuracy provide freedom to the winemaker to test for free SO2 levels at any time in the creation or life of a wine.  

Proprietary reagents that are included in each test kit permit SO2 titration of samples to an endpoint detected electronically with the Vinmetrica SC-100.  

Ml of titrant x 2 = Free SO2 in a sample. 

Instructions are included with each test kit, but the following video instructions are simple and concise, all that one needs to perform the analysis. If you suspect SO2 levels to be under 40 ppm use a 2 ml syringe for titrant  instead of a 5ml as shown in the video to avoid wastage.

Youtube:  4:06Vinmetrica SC-300 & SC-100A Wine SO2 Analyzers: How to do Wine …

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