Scott Labs Presentation

One of Saanich Sommeliers ongoing purposes is to provide winemaking education for its members as well and to share this winemaking education with its affiliated club Nanaimo Winemakers. On Wednesday evening April 26 at Sharon and Murray Bierd’s residence the club, hosted a presentation by Alan Marks, Technical Sales Representative of ScottLabs Canada from Kelowna BC. Alan agreed to give this presentation to Saanich Sommeliers because he was in Victoria to give a similar talk to WIGA (Western Island Grower’s Association) the previous two days.

The following three presentations are for viewing only and are the property of ScottLabs. If viewers have questions or wish to purchase ScottLabs ingredients mentioned in these notes please contact Alan Marks as listed in the ScottLabs website (

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Alan Marks’ biography (from ScottLabs website): Alan joined Scott Laboratories Ltd. in 2006. He previously worked in the wine industry for 19 years after completing a B.S. and M.S. in Agriculture and a Ph.D. in Food Science. His background includes winemaking, marketing and management support for numerous clients in the Okanagan Valley with interests in using new research to improve wine and beer making practices.

Saanich Sommeliers would like to thank Alan Marks of ScottLabs for his insightful and experiential presentation to our club and allowing these notes for future winemaking reference for our club and Nanaimo Winemakers.

Barry Edmonson
Vice President
Saanich Sommeliers.

Presentation on Enzyme use for Enhancing Wine Quality

Presentation on New Research for Successful Malolactic fermentations

Presentation on Fining and Filtering Techniques

Contributed by Barry Edmonson

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