Pre-fermentation pH and Titratable Acidity Calculator

Two juice and must  pH/TA spreadsheet calculators in Excel and ODS  versions that allow you to adjust juice or must wine to a target pH prior to fermentation.

To make use of this spreadsheet calculator please download it and save it on your computer.  Aside from IPad where there is no external keyboard the calculator is fully functional in Apple, Windows and Google environments although appearances may differ from one operating system  to the next.  Instructions on use are included on the spreadsheet.

This calculator is unique in that it allows for pH corrections in both routine situations and unusual and difficult situations.   In particular Sandy has allowed for corrections of high pH/high TA musts using phosphoric acid as well as tartaric acid.    Phosphoric acid is not uncommon in food processing and available from winery supply companies.  It solves a tricky problem of reducing unsuitably high pH in a must without creating an acidic and unpalatable wine.

For the Excel calculator to  be functional  in all operating systems  select the download button from this    link     and then locate the file and open and operate it  from the Download folder on your computer.

If you have Open Office installed on your computer you might prefer this ODS version which will not appear on selecting the link. Instead look for it in your Download files.  You may notice warnings about macros depending on your system.

Contributed by Sandy Kirk

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