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of the

This club shall be known as the SAANICH SOMMELIERS.

The purpose of the club is to bring together in a friendly atmosphere, persons interested in the art of amateur wine- and beer-making, and persons interested in improving their knowledge of wine or beer or their uses in cookery; to engage in discussions, lectures, demonstrations and social events likely to further these interests.

Membership in this club shall be open to all persons in sympathy with its purpose.

The officers of this club who shall form the Executive shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Wine Steward, Competition Coordinator, Communications Officer and Grape Coordinator. The normal term of appointment shall be one year.

Meetings and Quorum:
Meetings shall be held at such place and time as the President, in conference with the membership, shall determine.

The Annual General Meeting shall be the regular meeting in January.

Special meetings may be called at any time at the discretion of the President and shall be called on the demand of not less than 25% of the members in good standing.

Representatives of one third of the households in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.

This constitution may be amended at any meeting of the members, properly constituted to transact business, by a majority of two-thirds of those present and eligible to vote.

Amendment History
Originally adopted 13 Feb 1974 Amended 10 May 1977

Amended 14 May 1985 Amended 09 Feb 1988

Amended 12 Jan 1991 Amended 13 Feb 1996

Amended Feb 2005 Amended 8 Nov 2011
Amended 10 Feb 2015

of the

Duties of Officers:

The President shall preside over all meetings of this club and shall perform all such functions as usually pertain to this office.

The Vice-President shall, in the absence, disability or unwillingness to act of the President, perform his duties. The Vice-President shall also be responsible for the program following the business session at all club meetings.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings at all meetings of the Executive and of the club and shall maintain a record of same. The Secretary shall give notice of all special meetings, notify officers of election, notify the treasurer of all newly elected members and shall perform all other duties as the President shall from time to time direct.

The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account in trust for the club into which all funds shall be deposited, save only for a small fund not exceeding $100.00 for small disbursements. He/she shall make disbursements on behalf of the club from the said bank account by cheque, signed jointly by any two of the President, the Vice President or Treasurer, at the discretion of the President. The Treasurer shall keep records of all receipts and disbursements and shall report thereon annually at the annual meeting.

The Wine Steward shall be responsible for; purchasing, safekeeping and inventory control of all the club’s physical assets under the direction of the President. The Steward shall also be responsible for dispensing the refreshments at all meetings. An Assistant Wine Steward may be appointed by the President to assist the Wine Steward in dispensing refreshments at meetings and, in the absence of the Wine Steward, to perform all of his/her duties.

The Communications Officer shall be responsible for filing and storing the Club’s records and any other items of historical interest to Club members. He/she shall also be responsible for the club website and external communication initiatives.

The Competition Coordinator shall be responsible for: publicising all club, provincial and national competitions; arranging for entries to be transported to competitions; and the supervision of the organization of our own club annual competition.

The Grape Coordinator shall be responsible for acting on behalf of the club to coordinate the procurement and delivery of grapes to club members.

The Immediate Past President shall chair the Nominating Committee in the year following his/her Presidency.

Election of Officers:

1. All officers shall be elected by the simple majority of those present at a duly constituted Annual General Meeting and shall take office immediately following the termination of that meeting.

2. In the event of the resignation of an officer during the club year, the President may appoint an eligible member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the year.


1. The Membership shall be constituted of all persons on the Annual membership list who are not in arrears in their dues.. For voting purposes each household shall have only one vote.

2. Membership in this club shall be limited to a maximum of 35 households with the total eligible attendees not to exceed 60 persons, as shall be determined by the membership from time to time.

3. Any person in sympathy with the club’s purpose may be introduced by any member at a meeting of the club. Should the prospective member indicate that he/she is interested in joining the club, he/she shall, at the discretion of the President, be invited to attend 2 subsequent meetings. After attending two such meetings, the prospective member may be admitted to membership in the absence of any dissenting notification to the Secretary by a member of the club. In the event of such dissenting notification, the prospective member may be admitted to membership at the discretion of a majority of the membership.

4. Any member in arrears of dues for three months shall, at the discretion of the Executive, forfeit membership.

5. Any member may be suspended, either permanently or for a definite period of time, for good cause, by a majority of two-thirds of those present and eligible to vote at a duly constituted meeting.

6. The Executive may propose any member for Honorary Life Membership, subject to approval by the membership.


1. The Treasurer, in consultation with the Executive, shall propose the annual dues to be paid by each household for the coming year at the regular meeting preceding the Annual General Meeting. If a change is proposed, a motion to this effect shall be presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Dues shall be payable at the first regular meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

2. Any member admitted to membership after the first of February in any year, shall pay dues in the amount of one tenth of the annual dues for each month remaining in the club year. The club year for the purpose of dues, shall be from January 1st to December 31st each year.


1. At the regular meeting immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting, the President shall appoint a nominating committee (normally chaired by the Immediate Past President) to present a list of candidates for election to office for the following year. The nominating committee shall report to the Annual General Meeting.

2. The President may, or if demanded by the majority of members present at a duly constituted meeting, shall, appoint such special committees as are deemed necessary.


These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the members present and eligible to vote at any regularly constituted meeting.

Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws of this Club.

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