Awarded Wines

This category includes winemakers comments and instructions for award winning wines

Making Chardonnay

Nanaimo Winemakers and Saanich Sommeliers Chardonnay Workshop Notes presented by Colin Nicholson and Don Graham  A well stocked wine store usually has a good selection of Chardonnay wine reflecting the popularity of that wine with consumers. The Chardonnay grape is cultivated throughout the world’s wine growing regions and the characteristics or styles of the wine made …

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How to Make Port

There are many styles of Port wine but they all start out the same way.  Port is a fortified wine that originated in the Douro valley in northern Portugal.  It is typically made with Red wine grapes but it can be made in a white style.  The best known red grape varietals that are used …

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Making Blackberry Port

A 325 mL bottle requires slightly more than one lb of blackberries. Therefore, to fill a 21 L carboy, you will require at least 70 lb of blackberries. Pick only the black ripe berries; none with any red parts. To remove most of the juice from the berries, the cell membranes need to be broken …

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