Alcohol Policy

The Policy of the Saanich Sommeliers, as a member of the British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association, is to conduct all meetings and events in accordance with the responsibilities described in the British Columbia “Serving it Right” program. To this end:

  1. The club strives to conduct its affairs at all times in such a manner as to ensure that it does not incur any liability to its members or any third party;
  2. A qualified member is assigned at each meeting and, if not the club Steward, introduced to oversee the responsible consumption of alcohol and is given the authority to do so;
  3. If and when the need arises, each member is required to co-operate with the assigned member as necessary to ensure the safety of others attending, both during and following the meeting;
  4. Each member planning to drive is expected to be aware of and stay within his/her consumption limit as determined by the Drinking Driving Counterattack program;
  5. All members and their guests are reminded of their responsibility to each other in accordance with the principles of Duty of Care;
  6. Any member who has reason to believe that another member is intoxicated to the point where he/she is not legally permitted to drive is responsible to inform the assigned member referred to above;
  7. Members and guests are encouraged to make suggestions that further the goals of safe and responsible performance in all aspects of the club’s activities.

The foregoing policy was formally adopted by the Saanich Sommeliers on May 14, 1996.

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