2021 Crush of California Grapes

It was a busy morning October 2, 2021 when  club members headed to Central Saanich to pick up our our orders of California   grapes from Flying Fish Winery.   It was a bee hive of activities!  Sommelier club members accounted for just a small percentage of those picking up and processing grapes.    

With the grapes loaded everyone  headed back to the Nicholson’s where the Saanich Sommeliers club crushing equipment resides at this time.    Crushing  went well and everyone pitched in like a well oiled machine.  Lets look forward to sampling wine from these grapes in a few months.

Boxes of red grapes in great condition 

Some people ordered grapes in thousand pound totes 

Crushed and ready for the winemaker

Contributed by moderator, photos by Joanna Yu

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