Wine Trails – Vigna Maggio

Rick Homer and I were recently in the Chianti region of Italy where we had the fortunate opportunty to taste some of the Chianti region’s better wines. Our first stop on this adventure was to:

Via Petriolo 5,
Greve in Chianti, 50022
Tel: +39 055 854661

Vigna Maggio is a large estate winery that produces 250,000 bottles of Chianti each year. The winery has been in existence since 1404 . . . they have a bit of experience in making wine, I’d say! We are given a personal tour from Irene Gobi, Brand Ambassador, of the beautiful grounds, the gardens, the cellars, etc.

Our tour ended at their on-site restaurant, where a table had been prepared especially for us to enjoy a “tasting” of three of their wines. Our tasting notes appear below:

  1. Chianti Classico 2016 Terre Di Prenzano Price: E 11
    The nose delivers bright cherry with vanilla notes;
    The flavour confirms well-structured tannins;
    The finish is long and intense;
    We agree it is Silver Medal worthy
  2. Chianti Classico Riserva 2014 Gherardino Price: E 16
    The nose delivers deep, intense dark fruits with vanilla and fennel;
    The flavour is a complex representative of the nose;
    The finish is long and inviting with complexity;
    We agree it is Gold Medal worthy
  3. Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2013 Monna Lisa Price: E 27
    Initially the nose delivered savoury notes of barnyard, straw and mushrooms;
    After allowing the wine to open up a bit, the nose delivered a complexity of additional spice notes, including vanilla and fennel;
    After the wine opened up a bit, there were complex flavours of dark plums, savoury notes, and leather; This was an elegant wine;
    Initially the finish seemed to drop off, lacking much length or complexity BUT after the wine had the opportunity to open up a bit there appeared a complex finish with good intensity, which will continue to benefit with aging.
    We agree it is Gold Medal worthy

If you have the opportunity to purchase these wines or participate in a tasting of these wines, we recommend you do so.

Mille grazie, Irene Gobi, for the lovely tour, the education and tasting experience provided, as well as your gracious welcome!


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