YAN & Additive Calculator

The YAN calculator is a quick and easy way to determine type, amount, and schedule of nutrient additions for your must.

This Excel tool was developed by Willem Wyngaards of the BC Guild of Wine Judges. The calculator uses the starting Brix of your must, type of yeast planned, and existing YAN in your must, to calculate additional nutrients needed in order to maintain a healthy fermentation. If you do not know the YAN (yeast available nitrogen) of your juice then you will need to make a conservative guess.

Also included are calculations to estimate the recommended additions of other additives you may be using.  These numbers are of course guidelines, and the final decision belongs to winemaker preferences.

The calculator is an Excel file in xlsx format (Excel 2007 and later). Note that it has been updated by Willem in 2019 to reflect Scott Labs latest recommendations for nutrient additives, including Fermaid O as an alternative to Fermaid K.

Download 2019 YAN Calculator