Winery Conversion Cheat Sheet

Download spreadsheet calculator. here Open and use from computer download file

This is a spreadsheet calculator with substantial functions: Zoom out to view all tabs. Use this spreadsheet to perform calculations for winemaking additions and fining trials, which are attached. While most of the calculations are believed to be correct, the calculator is provided without responsibility/liability if someone uses the spreadsheet and decides their wine quality has been negatively impacted.

  • Common conversions
  • Common additions to wine
  • SO2 chart
  • SO2 Bar chart
  • Cu trial
  • Sugar addition trial
  • Finings trial
  • Bentonite trials
  • Egg White trials
  • Simple Blending
  • large volume blending
  • Analysis
  • Disolved O2 tracking
  • SO2 Data
  • Galvimetric
  • Carbonation
  • Alcohol
  • Ebuliometer
  • Glycol Brix, useful for disgorging sparkling wine
  • Sugar addition
  • Caloric calculation
  • Event buy calculator
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