Lab Analysis

Laboratory Session 1 : Initial Measurements  Describes standard lab procedures to follow to get to wine fermentation off to a good start.

YAN Analysis Using Vinmetrica Test Kit Describes the test procedure for yeast assimilable Nitrogen using the Vinmetrica YAN test kit available to Sommelier club members. 

Preparation of Standard Sodium Hydroxide Titration Solutions for Winemaking  Commercial sodium hydroxide titration solutions can be difficult to find and at times unreliable.  This article describes how to make your own and validate the concentration. 

Sulphur Dioxide Analysis  Describes laboratory analysis of wines for free SO2 using the classic Ripper method.           

SO2 Analysis Using Vinmetrica SC-100  Describes a method of measuring free SO2 in a wine using the club’s Vinmetrica SC-100 device and proprietary reagents.

Four methods of assessing completion of malolactic fermentation   This article arises from a club workshop where methods of assessing malolactic fermentation completion were compared. “