Winemaking Supplies

The Saanich Sommeliers maintains an inventory of wine yeasts, additives, and supplies that are available for purchase at reduced prices,  Please contact Colin Nicholson to place your order.  To help him with records he requests that you  email your order to him  in advance.

D 254Fermaid KCorks
D 80Fermaid 0Accuvin ML test strips
VL 3Opti RedAccuvin residual sugar test strips
Vin 13Color ProAntiflor tablets
SVGVR SupraHanna pH probe storage solution
71 BOpti Malo PlusHanna pH probe cleaning solution
RC 212Lysozyme
EC 1118Go Ferm
BM 4x4Malolactic Culture VP 41
D 47Tartaric Acid
CY 3079DAP
Potassium Metabisulphite
Tannin FT Rouge