Submitting an Article

writerMembers are highly encouraged to contribute relevant articles of general interest, announcements, technical pointers, summaries and/or photos of member events, or anything you feel would be of interest to the membership.

The website has been set up to allow “Posts” to be submitted and published quite easily.  These can be as simple as an announcement of a club event, or an article complete with photos.  Check out the “Posts” section for examples.

Here’s all you need to do to be a published author!

  1. Type your name and the title of your post/article in the boxes below.
  2. Put the text of your post in the box titled “Post Content”.   If you have written your post in Microsoft Word or some other word processor, simply copy and paste the text into the box.  Note:  Formatting such as bold or italic text may not be recognized.  If there are special formatting features that you want, just drop me a note (Julian at I can modify as needed.
  3. Attach photos using the boxes under “Upload an Image”.  Note:  the larger the image files, the longer it will take to upload to the site.
  4. Select “Submit Post” to send you work to the website.  This can take several minutes; especially if you have large image files.
  5. If successful, you’ll get a message indicating success.  If not, an error message will appear.
  6. Your Post won’t show online immediately; it will be reviewed  by the Administrator (me) before being published

Note: If you experience difficulty with this method, or have a larger article that needs special handling, just email the text file and image file(s) to me and I will put them online for you.