Club Equipment & Supplies

The Saanich Sommeliers has several items available to members to facilitate their winemaking. Equipment is available for short-term use at no charge, and is owned by the club, or by members who graciously make their personal equipment available for other member use.

The equipment listed below is housed and maintained by the member listed, who should be contacted directly to reserve the item. Members are expected to clean and sanitize after use, and to return equipment to the responsible member after use.

Pick Bins (150)John Wrinch
Crusher/DestemmerColin Nicholson
Small Bladder PressColin Nicholson
Large Bladder PressColin Nicholson
Enolmatic Bottle FillerJohn Wrinch
Wine Glasses (100)Tom Sibbald
Lge. Buon Vino FilterColin Nicholson (owner)


Winemaking Supplies

Colin Nicholson stocks a selection of widely-used wine making supplies that are available to members at cost.  By purchasing in bulk, the cost can be well below lower-volume pricing by ordering separately.  Items available include various yeasts, nutrients, enzymes, tartaric acid, sulfite, and other items.  Contact Colin directly.  Thanks, Colin!

Additionally, our Club coordinates with the Naniamo Winemakers in bulk ordering of winemaking supplies, oak barrels, and corks.  This activity typically occurring each spring-summer prior to the Fall crush.  The Club Secretary will notify members of these opportunities.  This is a great way to stock up.