Four methods of assessing completion of malolactic fermentation

  This article addresses determination of completion of malolactic fermentation (MLF) for amateur winemakers and was compiled from information provided at a Saanich Sommeliers workshop in November of 2018. The primary presenter was Dr. Sandy Kirk but others present contributed.  Apart from the workshop another source of information is cited below. Introduction Malolactic fermentation is […]

Sulphur Dioxide Analysis

Using the Ripper Method by Dr. Sandy Kirk 1. Starch Indicator. Add 3.0 g starch to 500 mL saturated sodium chloride solution (saturated at room temperature to give a solution that doesn’t grow bugs) and boil until starch has dissolved. Filter to remove any residue and add 20 mL water plus 80 mL of acetic […]

Index of Acidity in Wine INDAC

The following table has been updated from the work of Dr. Sandy Kirk, Colin Nicholson and Bill Pearson and is based on wine tasting. It provides rough targets to aim for when starting or finishing a wine.  INDAC  is calculated as titratable acidity of a wine or must minus the pH.    (TA minus pH […]

Starting Wine Checklist

Original by Bill Greaves, converted to metric measurements by  Dr Sandy Kirk YIELD      For acid adjustments calculate that 100 lbs of grapes yields at least 19 L GELATIN   10 mLper 100 L right after press for Ortega           COLOR PRO / COLOR X      The use of these enzymes is recommended […]