Food and Wine Pairing Workshop

Presented by: Mike McInnis for the Saanich Sommeliers   Download PDF   Introduction There is something magical that happens when a fresh goat cheese meets a New Zealand-style Sauvignon Blanc. The wine’s grassy, herbal, citrusy flavor elevates the acidity, creamy and slightly animal qualities of the cheese, or when Champagne’s bright acidity and sparkling   texture […]

Yeast and its Importance to Wine Aroma and Flavour

The following presentation was given by Rick Homer at the June 2018  Saanich  Sommeliers Club meeting .   The most mysterious aspect of wine is the endless variety of flavours that stem from a complex system of interactions among many hundreds of compounds. In its widest sense, wine flavour refers to the overall impression of […]

How to Make Port

 by  Rick Homer History There are many styles of Port wine but they all start out the same way.  Port is a fortified wine that originated in the Douro valley in northern Portugal.  It is typically made with Red wine grapes but it can be made in a white style.  The best known red grape […]

Acid Additions through Bench Trials

 by Rick Homer Acid Additions through Bench Trials – Rev 2     Background There is a growing trend for grape growers to leave the grapes hanging for extended periods of time to increase the aroma and flavour components in the resulting wine but this practice does leave the grapes with lower than ideal acid levels.  There are […]