2018 Meeting Topics

Program topic: Procurement of grapes including update on currently available varietals, discussion of varietals grown on Vancouver Island and commentary on how expert winemakers decide what varietals to use.

Quick Fix: How much S02 should be added to wine and how to monitor it.

Program topic: Expert wine maker(s) will discuss fining and filtering and use of tannins

Quick Fix: Corking issues

Program topic: Aroma identification exercises aimed at improving one’s ability to recognize aromas.

Quick Fix: Blending Challenges

Program topic: Impact of different yeasts on Sauvignon Blanc, including tasting of this varietal.

Quick Fix: Yeast types for particular styles of wine.

Program topic: An overview presentation of lab analysis- what to test for, when, how and where.

Quick Fix: Ordering supplies for a successful crush.

Program topic: Expert wine maker(s) will discuss procedures for identifying and correcting faults.

Quick Fix: What to focus on and monitor for tasting while storing wine.