wineglassLocated in the Victoria, British Columbia area, the Saanich Sommeliers winemakers’ club is a registered non-profit organization of home winemakers committed to producing high-quality, artisan wine for personal consumption. The members support one another in sharing their technical knowledge in order to meet the goal of making better non-commercial wines.

The purpose of the Saanich Sommeliers winemaking club is to:

  • Provide education in winemaking to its members
  • Provide mentorship to new winemakers
  • Provide mutual support in improving one’s winemaking skills
  • Provide club members with access to a number of superior grape varietals from leading vineyards throughout BC, Washington, Oregon, and California
  • Provide shared expertise within the club, from which its membership can draw to hone their skills and improve the quality of their wines
  • Provide its members with access to winemaking equipment to improve the efficiency of the members’ skills and quality of their wine

The Saanich Sommeliers host monthly meetings which expose members to guest speakers with technical education in the art of winemaking. There are also several enjoyable social events that take place each year.

IMG_0532The Saanich Sommeliers club is a registered BC non-profit society, and is an active member of the BC Amateur Winemakers Association (BCAWA), a province-wide organization made up of many winemaking clubs throughout the Province. The BCAWA facilitates an annual Provincial Wine Competition and organizes winemaking related seminars for all member clubs.

Saanich Sommeliers supports responsible consumption of wine and other alcoholic beverages. The Club policy can be viewed here.